Fantasy Manifesto

Traditional fantasy roleplaying tropes meet storytelling and character development in this robust yet streamlined system.Soon.

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DoubleZero Character Toolkits

These indispensable companions provide you with everything you need to create rich and compelling characters in modern settings. Dive into endless possibilities as you customize backgrounds, skills, and abilities, crafting unique heroes and villains that will leave a lasting impression. With expert guidance and tips, the Character Toolkits help you develop captivating backstories, motivations, and flaws, breathing life into your characters. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, these toolkits streamline the character creation process, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience. Elevate your storytelling and embark on thrilling journeys as you unleash the power of your imagination with the Character Toolkits for DoubleZero.

DoubleZero Setting Toolkits

Ignite your creativity and transport your players to unforgettable worlds with the Setting Toolkits for DoubleZero. These books provide you with all the resources you need to build immersive and captivating settings for modern roleplaying. From designing intricate landscapes and cultures to crafting compelling conflicts and hidden secrets, the Setting Toolkits empower you to create rich and dynamic worlds. Whether you're a seasoned guide or new to the craft, this toolkit streamlines the world-building process, allowing you to effortlessly create immersive settings that will captivate your players' imaginations. Elevate your storytelling and embark on epic adventures as you harness the power of the Setting Toolkits for DoubleZero.

DoubleZero Faction Toolkits

Unleash your imagination with DoubleZero, the ultimate tabletop roleplaying toolkit for modern settings! Dive into a skill-driven play experience perfect for mystery, espionage, thrillers, procedurals, and drama, immersing yourself in the worlds of your favorite television series, films, and novels. Create your ideal hero or villain using our comprehensive character creation system and embark on epic journeys that will keep you hooked for hours. From conducting investigations to staging fight scenes, DoubleZero provides detailed systems for every aspect of roleplaying. Build your own worlds, explore sample characters, and craft thrilling stories with ease. Step into the limitless possibilities of DoubleZero and let your imagination run wild!

DoubleZero Adventure Toolkits

Embark on epic adventures with the Adventure Toolkits for DoubleZero. Each sourcebook equips you with the resources and guidance needed to create immersive and thrilling quests within your DoubleZero roleplaying experience. From perilous spy missions to intricate mysteries, the Adventure Toolkits empower you to craft captivating narratives that will ignite the imaginations of your players. Customize the challenges, encounters, and twists of your adventures, delving into rich lore and creating engaging storylines that will keep your players on the edge of their seats. With expert tips and inspiration, both seasoned guides and newcomers can streamline the adventure creation process, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

DoubleZero Companions

Unlock boundless possibilities and enhance your roleplaying experience with these Companion Books for DoubleZero. Each provides you with a treasure trove of specialized tools and resources that will take your game to new heights. Delve into rich lore, expert tips, and sample content that will inspire and guide you on your storytelling journey. Whether you're a seasoned guide or a novice player, elevate your tabletop roleplaying with the Companion Books for DoubleZero and unleash your imagination like never before. Shape remarkable worlds, forge mighty factions, and embark on epic adventures that will leave a lasting impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fantasy Manifesto compatible with the Foragers Guild Guides?

Did this system used to have a different name?
Sort of, and yes. Hippogryph, Foragers Manifesto.